Mark Alan Burger is a writer, publisher, and editor-in-chief at Fallible House. His work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Interview, Beyond Queer Words, Everybody Press Review, Hello Mr., and has received support from FAWC. He lives in New York City. @markalanburger

My boyfriend‘s back in town. My boyfriend’s mad. My boyfriend’s back in town and he’s mad and he wants to fuck me. My boyfriend only ever wants to come on my back, and he goes UNH UNH UNH every time, the same noise he makes when he moves furniture. My boyfriend’s a mover. My boyfriend’s a boxer. My boyfriend’s a Marxist. My boyfriend’s a bouncer at a gay bar. My boyfriend’s unemployed. My boyfriend has a rusted old truck he bought online. My boyfriend fixed it up one day. My boyfriend doesn’t let me drive it because everyone else drives drunk. My boyfriend only drives drunk if he has to. My boyfriend wants to drive across the country some day. My boyfriend beats his fists against the steering wheel when we get cut off in traffic, he hits it so hard it hums. My boyfriend loves the radio, he even loves the ads, and he hates it when I change the station without asking. My boyfriend says I shouldn’t believe anything I read on the internet. My boyfriend reads self-improvement books in his spare time. My boyfriend doesn’t always pay his bills on time. My boyfriend says “time is what you make of it.” My boyfriend’s like my conscience. My boyfriend lies about using Rogaine. My boyfriend’s like my brother. My boyfriend grows his own marijuana. My boyfriend’s like my mother. My boyfriend keeps a dream journal. My boyfriend’s trying to improve his memory. My boyfriend watches movies with the sound off. My boyfriend’s a lost cause. My boyfriend’s a masochist. My boyfriend’s a hate crime. My boyfriend’s a drone bomb. My boyfriend’s a fever dream. My boyfriend’s leaving again. My boyfriend will be back soon