KB Lang is single and living in Brooklyn, New York. Yes, this is a pseudonym, not for self but for country.

My boyfriend has big beautiful eyelashes. He has these big beautiful lashes like a beautiful boy who doesn’t know how beautiful he is. I’m jealous of him. I’ve tried to make my eyelashes as big and beautiful. I have put mascara on and curled my eyelashes with an eyelash curler but I just look so stupid. I look like a silly boy putting on makeup trying to look beautiful. The mascara clumps and crumples and falls on my cheeks and the curls don’t stay curled. I don’t look as beautiful as my boyfriend. Because I’m trying too hard to look beautiful. He has big beautiful eyelashes and he doesn’t even know it. He doesn’t know how badly I want someone to think that I’m beautiful and don’t know it. My beautiful boyfriend with big beautiful eyelashes. I’m so mad at him. My boyfriend with big beautiful eyelashes looks most beautiful when he’s sleeping next to me. Eyes closed. I have trouble falling asleep. My mind gets twisted and turned around. Sometimes before I know it it’s two or three in the morning. My beautiful boyfriend falls asleep really easily. He sleeps next to me soundly. Anywhere and anytime he can close his eyes and drift off into a deep sound slumber. It makes me so mad. My beautiful boyfriend falls asleep and I stay awake. He falls asleep easily and stays asleep so he doesn’t have to talk to me or look at me. He doesn’t have to look at me with his beautiful eyes with big beautiful eyelashes. My beautiful boyfriend is punishing me. I hope he dreams about me when he sleeps soundly. I can see his eyes dart back and forth under his eyelids. His big beautiful eyelashes dance around and taunt me. He’s thinking about something or someone and it better be me. My beautiful boyfriend wakes up before me and gets up out of bed to make us coffee. I wake up every morning all alone without my beautiful boyfriend in bed and I miss him. Sometimes when I wake up all alone I think overnight maybe we became one person and I live inside his beautiful body. We have big beautiful eyelashes and people stare at us when we walk down the street. We’re together all the time in one person together forever. He can’t close our beautiful eyes with big beautiful eyelashes and look away from me. My beautiful boyfriend walks into our bedroom with a big smile and asks how I slept. I’m mad but I can’t tell him. I tell him I was awake all night thinking about him because I love him so much. I didn’t sleep at all I say. He doesn’t believe me. He smiles and winks with his big beautiful eyelashes without a care in the world. He loves me so much. He’s so beautiful and he doesn’t even know it. I’m so jealous of him. I want someone like me to love me the way I love my beautiful boyfriend. I want someone to think I’m so beautiful and I don’t know it. But I don’t have big beautiful eyelashes. My boyfriend does.